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Hi I'm Angie, busy Homeschooling Mum of 4 young boys aged between 4 and 11 yrs.

Bailey (11) is a huge car enthusiast, particularly classic cars, VW 'Herbie' beetles and VW Combi vans. Bailey lives with Autism (ASD) and Epilepsy but does very well coping with everyday life these days since we made the change to homeschooling back in 2010.

Dane (8) enjoys playing guitar, building Lego masterpieces and all things superhero! Dane also lives with a form of Autism (Aspergers) and a Language developmental delay (Apraxia of speech).

Ehren (5) is our gentle 'giant' and is a keen student in our Homeschool classroom. He enjoys both physical and mental pursuits and has a clear interest in currency!

Fraser (aged 4) is our little pocket rocket. He's a confident, head-strong little boy who never stops talking, singing or dancing!

Follow us on our journey as we learn about the world around us in our own unique way!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Popping back in to do up a new blog post and realised it's been almost 3 months since my last update! Life has been keeping us super busy lately and I have found it hard to get in here obviously but I definitely have no shortage of ideas or things to write about. So first, here's a quick update as to what's been going on in our lives this past few months.

Bailey has recently turned 9 and is continually thriving and pushing himself a little more out of his comfort level. His social skills have improved out of sight since making some close friends that he gets to see every week. His confidence is soaring thanks to a realisation of his sporting abilities, excelling in Ice-skating, Soccer and running. He never ceases to amaze me with his drive and determination.

Dane is 6 now and is such an affectionate, loving little boy. He still has moments lacking in judgement but they are decreasing as time passes and he is proving to be a good mate to his 2 younger brothers. Dane has recently started reading and is still really enjoying Homeschooling. I once thought that he would eventually ask to go to school, seeing as he has never been, but he seems determined to continue on this path with Bailey. I really feel that Homeschooling is a better option for him anyway, given his concentration issues and his inability to keep his body in a relaxed state.

It's often easy for me to forget that our little Ehren is only 3. He is quite mature and intelligent for his age. He is now able to hold a conversation extremely well and is naturally inquisitive of the world around him. He loves doing his preschool work at home and is constantly asking me for his 'schoolwork' when he sees his older brothers completing theirs. He is currently practising writing numbers and drawing common shapes. He is starting to become a positive role model for Fraser which is lovely to see, especially as they are only 14 mths apart in age.

Fraser has grown up so much this past few months. He recently turned 2 and is talking up a storm. He is a very determined child who shows no fear in getting his point across, which I guess is more a positive trait when he's the youngest of 4 boys! He also loves sitting down to do 'schoolwork' which for now is mostly crayon drawing and practising pencil control. He has just commenced the beginning of toilet training, which we will step up more once the weather is reliably warm. I'm looking forward to not having any more nappy changes in our house in the months to come!

Clif and I recently celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary. We are the happiest and healthiest we have been since the day we got married. I managed to get back into my wedding dress for a happy family snap, which is a goal I set myself shortly after giving birth to Fraser. Life couldn't be better right now. I'm very blessed for all I have in my life, both with my family, friends and the life we lead.

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